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Through this course, I’ll share with you the knowlodgment that I become in my 25 years bassoonist. Ongoing monthly training, and a library of video lessons, to turn you into a classical – solid bassoonist and your own best teacher.


Dozens of video lessons will give new direction and focus to your practicing. On this course, you’ll learn some of the things of I obtained on more on 20 years experience as a professional orchestral bassoonist.

You will find lessons with videos and mp3 playbacks, which include:

– Organize your Practice Routine

– Improve your Sound

– How to get more freedom in your playing

– Tipps for Orchestral Excerpts / Classical Pieces

– Play high notes

– Double Tonguing

– and more!

When you enroll you get instant access to:

  • New lessons every month
  • The complete lesson library
  • Downloadable play-along tracks and written examples (*when lesson includes them)


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