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Learn Bassoon in an easy and practical way with Alexandre Silvério,

principal bassoon at the São Paulo Symphony Orchestra




💡 Unleash your musical potential with step-by-step lessons, personalized feedback, and a supportive community.

Are you a bassoonist looking to take your skills to the next level? So, we have good news! Our course is designed to give you everything you need to become a skilled and confident bassoon player. At BL, you’ll learn essential techniques, practice strategies, and performance tips that will take your playing to new heights.


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Crafting a high-quality reed is essential to achieving a beautiful, nuanced sound on the bassoon. But for many players, reed-making can be a daunting and frustrating task. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive online course that covers everything you need to know to make reeds like a pro.


🚀 Unlock your technique, inventiveness, rhythm, and much, much more.

Have you ever thought about learning jazz on a bassoon?
Learning jazz improvisation can help you in various ways: Our Jazz Improvisation Course will help you in many ways, including developing your technique, imagination, rhythm, aural skills, and much, much more!


 Trusted and approved by students around the world!

 #1 – “There is no course in the world aimed at bassoonists as rich and complete as this.”

“Bassoonlesson is the most comprehensive bassoon course in the world.​ As both an interpreter and a pedagogue, Alexandre is a master. The student enjoys enormous knowledge, which Alexandre acquired over decades of study. It is a privilege to be part of this project.​”

Filipe Castro


#6 – “I’m really enjoying the classes…”

“I’m in love with the classes. I auditioned in December and studied online while on vacation. I had to play a technique, so I chose Milde-1 because it provided a class on how to do it correctly. Playing with my own reed, which you instruct, worked beautifully! (Approved in the first phase of Bacarelli Institute; will return in February for the second) I plan to take jazz classes, initially hesitant due to perceived difficulty, but have seen that it is achievable and enhances musicality.”

Sérgia Rosely


#3 – “A course that gives you much more than what it proposes…”

“The Bassoon Lesson expanded my knowledge of the instrument and gave me fresh ideas on how to work with it, as well as a practical study routine well-prepared by the teacher with instructions—a course that exceeds expectations, featuring high-quality content and a qualified instructor like Professor Alexandre.”

Daniel Zanardo


#7 – “I highly recommend it.”

“ is amazing; it taught me to listen and perform jazz more elegantly. From meandering bass lines to improv lines following modes and scales, the bassoon does it all, and best of all. Whatever I learned on the site has also helped my reeds. Stunning for bassoonists looking to develop. This is highly recommended!”

Auro Augusto


#5 – “I improved my classical playing by playing jazz.”

“Alexandre is a great teacher and coach with a big heart. I discovered him after listening to Entre Mundos and wanted to practice jazz and improvisation for pleasure. I improved my classical playing by playing jazz. His weekly planner, stretching advice, and self-care helped me heal from a shoulder injury. Alexandre helped me focus and change my playing style despite the distance. Any bassoon player looking for new insights should take his course.”

Jo Anne Sukumaran


#2 – “Many helpful pieces of information in a well-organized package!

“I find your online course very interesting! Many helpful pieces of information in a well-organized package! Your idea of making the rocks! 🙂 Keep doing great work! 

Tadija Mincic


#4 – “My experience with Bassoon Lesson was really rewarding…”

“Great educational and musical experience with bassoon lesson. It includes the technical aspects needed to enhance and consolidate the BASSOON interpretation in easy language. Clear, simple examples. assisted by theme-related reading. Jazz improvisation is explicit and instructional, encouraging you to practice to become a great improviser. My Bassoon Lesson with Alexandre Silverio was fulfilling, educational, and enjoyable.”

Ana Isabel




Alexandre Silvério 

Classical and Jazz Bassoonist
Solo bassoonist of São Paulo Symphony
CEO & Founder of Bassoon Lesson


Alexandre Silvério is one of the few bassoonists in the world who performs both Jazz and Classical music. He is the Principal Bassoonist of the São Paulo Symphony Orchestra, in addition to being a very dedicated jazz bassoonist.

In addition to playing with São Paulo Symphony, Alexandre teaches at the prestigious São Paulo Symphony Academy of Music, is a member of CAMALEON BASSOONS, and is a member of his own jazz ensemble.

Since 2018, Alexandre has been a “Püchner Artist” and performs the “Superior” bassoon model.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long did I have access to the course material and support from Alexandre Silvério?

You will have monthly or yearly full access. It depends on the plan that you choose.

Is the course 100% online?

Yes. You can access the material from your computer, tablet, or cell phone. However, the best way to enjoy the course is through a computer, where the screen is larger.

I'm a complete beginner... is the Bassoon Lesson for me?

Yes definitely! The course ranges from completely beginner to advanced level.

Does the course include music theory?

No. At Bassoon Lesson we cover some music theory and harmony aspects, but if you have no knowledge of music theory, we recommend that you take a separate course.

Do you open spots all year round?

No. In general, we open registration once or twice a year. If you miss the registration period, you can sign up for the waiting list to be notified when we open registration again or as soon as a spot becomes available.

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